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One of the things I haven’t seen people talking about are Sam’s wings.  For a portion of the scenes he’s flying in, you can see he’s controlling the wings manually with his hands.  They’re basically an extension of his arms; if he wants to gain altitude, he basically flaps his arms to get it.

It’s more than that, though.  The wings enable him to move with a very high degree of maneuverability, most likely by translating his subtle body language into movement.  And Sam is good enough at it to be able to avoid anti-aircraft artillery fire and to dodge between aircraft at high speed.

But later, when he’s using both hands to fire guns, how is he controlling his wings?  While the helicarriers are taking off, Sam is using both hands to fire machine guns.  And while doing that, he flies down the the flight deck close enough to kick a guy in the chest, hover, turn around, and fire again.  How is he doing that without manually controlling his wings?

That’s some really advanced tech, and that also means that Sam has had a lot of physical training.  He’s unconsciously aware, like Natasha, like Steve, of his body and the rules of physics, which allow him to use a mechanical apparatus that allows him to fly exactly like a bird of prey does.

Seriously, rewatch the movie, and pay attention to Sam when he’s flying.  He has to have the three-dimensional awareness of a pilot, the timing of a sharpshooter, and the physicality and body awareness of a gymnast.   If you thought he was amazing before, you really had no idea how amazing he is.

This is great meta!

As for how he’s controlling them when he’s shooting; my theory has always been that the wing pack mechanism is made to read the signals from his contracting back muscles, for example when he needs to go left he tenses the left trapezius or when he needs to go in a roll he changes the angle of his shoulder. It throws off his accuracy a little, but his mobility is much more important in this case, especially if you bear in mind that while he is efficiently combat trained that isn’t his primary function as a paramedic. For this, his back muscles need to be very defined and he has more control and awareness of them than the average human.

Which makes this sequence all the more impressive, because it’s been years and he’s lost some of that definition, the mechanism against his back doesn’t feel like a second skin anymore, but something heavy and chafing and disobedient. And yet, he manages to operate them anyway. The sheer amount of training that would have to be endured to operate these, the falls and the scrapes. I bet by the end of training the Falcons all felt scrapped raw.

But in any case; my headcanon is that the wings themselves aren’t actually the most important part of his suit, because anyone with the right materials and some knowledge of engineering could put them together and in fact, this mechanism is the most valuable part. Knowing that they’re a product of Stark industries, I can’t help but wonder if the mechanism for control isn’t similar to what Tony uses to control the Iron man suit. 




Ahhh! This is so cool!

An author was writing historical fiction, and decided (in hopes of escaping anachronistic language) to only use the vocabulary that Jane Austen used. They made a custom dictionary of all the words Jane Austen used in all of her books, and used that to spell check, so it flagged modern words and phrases that she would have totally overlooked otherwise.

I’m thinking it would be incredibly easy to do the same thing for fanfiction, especially book-based - compile a dictionary of, say, all the words GRRM used in ASOIAF, and use that as a spell check dictionary so it would flag any words GRRM did not use…

Or a particular TV show character’s dialogue, though that would involve much more manual effort…

edit: apparently, some historical fiction authors use old dictionaries (circa: 1700-1800s) as their custom dictionaries, even when writing about much earlier time periods. This helps them escape writing with modern-sounding anachronisms that throw modern readers out of the story, but also allows them to use language that a modern reader can understand when writing about time periods where characters should be speaking, say, Old English.

friendly reminder that such a thing has been developed for the les mis fandom 

These are some great resources for authors of historical fiction (and/or fan fiction)!

Koumori-no-Hime’s Cosplay Tutorial List



things i needed to hear in health class:

  • puberty might make you squishier and its ok
  • vaginas have a smell and it’s a ok
  • all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies have gr8 sex
  • genitals do not all look the same and variety is rad
  • people have stretch marks sometimes
  • people have pimples on their butts sometimes
  • people have cellulite sometimes
  • gender =/= sex
  • sex =/= scary danger FEAR
  • bodies aren’t scary or gross or sacred 
  • everything is ok
Can you teach my children







I’m Standing proud and tall

I will stand with the place I’ve loved since I was a child, no matter what anyone else says

So…you’re never going to be open-minded about a complex issue and you’re choosing to remain willfully ignorant of facts?

That’s what you’re saying?

No. I’m standing up for what I belive in. I believe that whales should not be taken out of the wild. The ones in captivity however should remain in captivity because they are too dependent on humans. I know that never would have happened if they haven’t been captured in the first place. But it did happen so you know what, don’t go attacking me because of what I believe in. I’m not attacking you for believing the whales should be let go. I’m not even saying you’re wrong. You anticaps need to realize not everyone who doesn’t agree with you is close minded or even evil, as I have been called. So next time you judge me for standing with the place that introduced me to these wonderful animals and created the dream career I want someday, get my side of the story.
Don’t be rude. You don’t have to hate on every single procap in the world because let me tell you, there aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with hate or send it…

There’s a difference between standing up for what you believe in and mindlessly supporting a faulted institution due to childhood feelings.

Never called you evil. Never said you were a bad person. The phrase you used insinuates you’re not interested in listening to anybody else’s thoughts apart from your own.

I also have lovely childhood memories of Seaworld. 

But those memories are not an excuse to stay ignorant.  Ignorance is never justifiable. 

Also, no one is talking about dumping Seaworld’s whales in the ocean and saying “see ya suckers!”.  They are talking about seapens where they would be taught to catch fish… and if they never learn, humans would continue to feed them.  They would still be worked with by trainers but in ways that teach their natural behavior not in circus shows.  They will still have the human interactions they may be dependent on, but they will also have the chance to relearn how to be whales without human interference.  They will also not be forced to breed ie perpetuate the cycle of more captive whales. 

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Yes you could be sad about your pairings but:

  • Inappropriately timed confessions
  • At a ski lodge and somehow got stuck outside in the middle of the storm but hey look there’s a conveniently abandoned cabin I guess the logical thing to do is go in there and snuggle for warmth for the night
  • Seeing love interest in formal wear for the first time whaaat
  • Everyone thinks they’re dating and then they start wondering if they’re dating
  • Oops friend looks like the only place to sleep in this house is this small, twin-sized bed, guess we’ll have to share
  • Thunderstorm cuddles
  • Crashed the wrong wedding and now the best man/maid of honor is on my ass, but hey they’re kinda hot so???
  • Run into each other in a hospital while there for really stupid reasons
  • Both have same obscure taste in music and meet in a dark corner of a music store
  • Neighbors in a shitty apartment building that share a sense of solidarity for each other (also a mutual attraction because hotawhat)
  • Sleepy kisses
  • Inappropriately timed confessions

that is all


some fun sex tropes:

  • laughing during sex
  • and/or things going wrong during sex that leads to laughter
  • sex on a countertop/tabletop/sink because we couldn’t wait to get somewhere with cushions
  • kissing to stay quiet
  • biting to stay quiet
  • one person meticulously doing something entirely for the other’s benefit without expectation or need of reciprocation
  • "wow i did not know that was A Thing for me until right now and i’m totally fine with that but for the love of god keep doing it"
  • someone straddling the other while they’re “trying to read” and slowly getting them to put the book away
  • "you’re only allowed to sit there and watch until i tell you otherwise"
  • kissing anywhere but the lips
  • alternatively, touching anywhere but where the person desperately wants to be touched
  • "we couldn’t find a condom so we’re getting each other off in other ways" sex
  • anything involving the secretive brushing of fingertips against inner thighs in public spaces
  • sex with clothes half on/panties still on
  • the pleasant misuse of ties
  • sleepy morning kisses that accidentally turn intense
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